It was important to us that we created an easy-clean product... because as mums, we’re busy enough!

So there are just 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

▪️ Open ziplock and remove cap, then run warm water through ziplock opening

▪️ Use a bottle brush to swish in and out 1 or 2 times (like you would washing kids waterbottles)

▪️ Give a final rinse and drain on dishrack.

HANDY TIP: bottle drying racks are perfect for drying pouches, but you can also just poke a utensil in to hold the pouch open so it dries properly.


▪️ ROUND CORNERS - the round corner design means food doesn't get stuck it tight corners and water can run straight through pouch, removing all contents quickly and effectively.

▪️ WIDE OPENING - the wide mouth (where ziplock is) was a key feature for us when developing the pouch as it had to be wide enough to not only make filling easy, but also cleaning with a bottle brush.
They sure are.

But we didn't stop there.

Plastics can be made up of a range of nasties that can leach into food, particularly when frozen. Bisphenol A or BPA as it’s commonly know, is just one of them.

When developing our pouches it was mandatory that the materials used were 100% safe, which meant not only BPA-free, but free from the other plastic nasties - PVC and Phthalates (arguably worse than BPA).
Filling Peekabee reusable food pouches is super easy, thanks to the wide double-ziplock opening at the bottom of the pouch.

Follow these tips for super-simple-mess-free filling:

▪️ Place cap on, open ziplock as wide as it goes, then turn upside down ready for filling.

▪️ Have front design facing you so you can see where to fill to (see below)

▪️ Be sure your pouch creations are not TOO runny - baby puree, yoghurt and thickshake consistency is perfect.

▪️ Pour or spoon your homemade creations into the ziplock opening.

▪️ If pouring in - pour straight from a blender or measuring cup with pouring spout. Feel free to use a funnel - once you've done it a few times you won't need to.

▪️ If spooning in - ensure you tap the pouch a few times to get the thicker contents all the way to the top.

▪️ Be sure to wipe away any food residue from the ziplock prior to closing. Then just squeeze double ziplock closed.


▪️Fill to just below the bottom of the transparent window on the front (which is the top when holding pouch up the right way). Filling past this point will result in excess pouch contents spilling out, which is messy, wasteful.. and annoying!


If you find you have too made too much smoothie, yoghurt or baby puree to fit into the pouches you have available, don't fret! You can pour or spoon the excess into Peekabee’s Silipod food freezer tray, as two Silipod portions fit perfectly into one Peekabee pouch.

Once frozen, you can pop your Silipod portions out and place two straight in through the ziplock opening for fast-on-the-go eating!
As many as you like!

Providing they do not come in contact with sharp items such as knives or scissors, Peekabee pouches were designed to last forever!

The double ziplock was tested, tested and tested some more, so there is no reason you cannot continue using your pouches well after your kids have grown out of them!

Other Ways to Use Your Pouches:

▪️ PICNIC PAL - When going on picnics or camping, we fill our pouches with sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressing or whatever runny condiments we will be taking … it saves loads of room in the esky!

▪️ DIP DISGUISER - I often make homemade hummus and other healthy dips. The kids mostly baulked at the site of my new creations (which were usually delicious and full of goodness, but pretty ugly to look at!). Solution - put the dips into a pouch! I trialled this and let them squeeze out the dip onto carrot sticks or crackers. That did the trick! As it’s a bit of a novelty, it’s been a great way for them to try new flavours that they normally wouldn’t try.
Those supermarket pouches seem cheap right?

Well we did the math --> not so.


So supermarket pouches [baby purees and yoghurts] range from approximately A$1.50 – A$2.50.

Even at $1.80 per pouch, that equates to $15.00 a kilo.

That makes for very expensive ‘Tuna, Rice & Vegies’ puree!


A 120g portion of equivalent homemade puree costs around $0.25 cents to make.

This equates to approximately $2 per kilo.

So it’s almost 8 TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE to feed your kids supermarket food pouches.

And with all that processing, how many nutrients are left anyway?
No, we do not recommend microwaving Peekabee pouches.

Instead, simply warm the contents by placing in a mug of hot for a few minutes. Use the same process to thaw out frozen pouches.

IMPORTANT: always remember to check the temperature of the contents before giving to your littlies.
They sure are! Just be sure to place in the top rack only, and ensure pouches are held open when washing.