About Us

Peekabee is an Australian company that is leading the market in innovative non-toxic baby & toddler feeding products.

Our ever-growing range of beautiful and cleverly designed products are transforming mealtimes for our littlest Aussies, taking the stress out of feeding for mums and dads and helping to save the planet.

We passionately believe in promoting smarter shopping and our mantra of ‘buy once, buy well, pass it on’.

This means our products are built to last, not just for one child, but for all their brothers and sisters and beyond for years to come. And we love finding creative ways of helping people save money and the planet.


We know that kids who establish healthy practices early in life, like adequate physical activity, and a diet with lots of yummy fruit and vegetables, are likely to be healthier as they go through life.

But sadly, around 25% of all Aussie kids today are overweight or obese.

We know that the amount of food and plastic that the average Australian family consumes and tosses out each year is hurting our wallets and making our planet sick.

Did you know that it is almost eight times more expensive to feed your kids supermarket food pouches?

Or that Australians now produce an average of 2 tonne of waste every year per person? It goes in our trolleys, we take it home, consume it, and often within a few hours it is in our waste bins.

And finally, we know that baby & toddler mealtime sometimes just adds to the pressure of the modern Australian family’s hectic schedule of work and after school activities.

Helping find a solution to these three issues is our purpose and drives our mission.


1. No Nasties – All our products are free from BPA, Lead, PVC & Phthalate, so your children only get homemade goodness, with no added nasties.

2. Highly Functional – Our products just work! They are durable and easy for littlies to use. And because you’re busy enough, all our products have been designed with easy cleaning and hygiene in mind.

3. Environmentally Responsible – All our products are made with food-grade silicon that is exceptionally durable, hypo-allergenic, lightweight, and easy to clean and store. This means that they can all be used over, and over, and over so you can ‘buy once, buy well, pass it on’.

4. Quality – We use only quality-assured manufacturers and undertake extensive product testing. Because when it comes to quality and our kids, there is no compromise.


I’m extremely passionate about providing tools to help parents give their children a healthy start to life.

It saddens me to know that 1 in 4 Australian children aged 2–17 years are overweight or obese. That is approximately 1 million Australian kids!

I know there are lots of reasons why kids gain weight, including lack of sleep and genetic issues. But there are two main reasons. Firstly, a poor energy balance.

This means our kids are gaining more energy from the food and drink they consume than they are expending through physical activity.

And secondly, the food industry has a massive role to play! Not only do they bombard our kids daily with sophisticated marketing ads designed to get them to eat unhealthy foods.

But when I became a mum in 2013, I also realised food manufacturers are happy to deceive mums (along with everyone else) into believing their expensive, heat-treated, nutrient-poor products are ‘healthy’ options for young kids.

For example, I did a bit of research on supermarket food pouches. And I was horrified when I worked out that at approximately $1.50 – $2.50 per pouch, I was paying around $15.00 per kilo to feed my kids ‘tuna, rice & veggies’ puree.

That is awfully expensive puree, particularly when you can make the same thing at home for around $2 per kilo. And with all that processing, how many nutrients are left anyway?

Rather than just feeling frustrated, I decided I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to help empower parents, by giving them affordable high-quality, non-toxic feeding tools, to make their parenting journey a little easier. So, Peekabee was born!

I am so excited by what we have been able to achieve with our ever-growing range of products. And I love hearing from our Aussie mum & dad customers that our products have changed the way they manage mealtimes for their littlest family members.

I sincerely hope you love our products as much as we do. And that they inspire you to feed your own little people healthy, homemade goodness. Enjoy!

Peekabee Founder




Our mission is simple:

  • to create highly functional products that encourage our kids to eat better
  • to create quality, non-toxic, durable products that last, to reduce household waste
  • to supply products that help reduce mealtime stress
  • to make feeding fun!


The statistics are alarming. The number of overweight children in Australia has doubled in recent years, with a quarter of children considered overweight or obese.

Discretionary foods contributed 35% of energy intake for adults and an even greater 39% for children.*

What are discretionary foods? Basically they are food and drink that don’t provide any nutrients that the body actually needs. They are often high in saturated fats, sugars & salt.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014 & 2015.


Our plastic-filled, over-packaged society is a great concern. Australians now produce about 50 million tonnes of waste each year. That’s an average of 2 tonne per person. Between 1996 – 2015 our population rose by 28%, but our waste generation increased by 170%.

It goes in our trolleys, we take it home, consume it, and often within a few a few hours it’s in our waste bins. It’s time we start to consume smarter.


Food pouches range from approximately $1.50 – $2.50.

Even at $1.80 per pouch, that equates to $15.00 a kilo. That makes for very expensive ‘Tuna Rice & Vegies’ puree.

Versus homemade. A 120g portion of equivalent homemade puree costs around $0.25 cents to make. This equates to approximately $2 per kilo.

So it’s almost 8 TIMES more expensive to feed you kids supermarket food pouches.

And with all that processing, how many nutrients are left anyway?