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We are trashing the place we call home :(

So it’s time we start to consume smarter. This is why we are so passionate about educating parents on the simple ways to reduce household waste.

Whether it's switching from store-bought yoghurt pouches to reusable food pouches, or ditching the throwaway straws for reusable ones, small changes can have a massive impact globally.

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Reusable Food Pouches 8-pack (140ml) + SiliFunnel
  • $29.95


Reusable Food Pouches (8pk) & Silicone Food Tray
  • $54.90
  • $49.95

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Replacement Caps For Reusable Food Pouches (10-pack)
  • $6.97


Silicone Divider Plate (set of 2)
  • $24.95
  • $19.95
Reusable Food Pouches - 2 Pack
  • $11.95


Silicone Straw Set 'SILISTRAWS' with Waterproof Pouch
  • $24.95
  • $19.95