It’s not as hard at it sounds. Providing your child whether they’re at day-care or primary school with a litter free lunch is simple. Choosing items that are either consumed, recycled or compostable, equals a waste free lunch.

This can be as easy as including foods like bananas, or any type of fruit that already has their own natural packaging. It also means giving one-off use items like plastic wrapping and pre-packaged food a miss. 

Not only is this a fantastic way to help with minimising waste that contributes to emissions and landfill - (statistics report Australia produces more than 53.7 tonnes of rubbish, of which 22 million tonnes reach landfills!)

It’s also helping to plant the seeds of sustainability into our children’s consciousness.



Healthier food choices! Instead of opting for that packaged muesli bar or biscuit,that include preservatives and high levels of sugar, why not make your own?

The same can be said for the popular soft pouch yoghurts. Making your own yoghurts using reusable food pouches will ensure your child has healthier food alternatives. What’s more, the pouches are reusable so you can continue to use these again and again.

Better still, putting aside some time to prepare home-made goodies can save you money. Packaged food can be costly as opposed to making large batches at home, that can be used over time.

You can also safely store your delicious food in the freezer in non-toxic reusable silicone food bags. These are airtight as well as leak proof. And, easy to use when in the lunch making mode.


With more awareness around our current waste situation, it’s clear we need to inspire change. Switching to a rubbish free lunch box means a healthier way of life for our children.

Even though waste statistics in Australia may seem overwhelming, you can still help to reduce these. It’s the small changes made by each one of us, that contribute to the greater good.

If you have any waste free lunch box tips, I’d love to hear them. Or even some great recipes that your little ones enjoy.



This will vary depending on the age of your child however, for a pre-prep or primary school child you could try:


  • a piece of fruit, either whole in its own skin (banana) or chopped and placed in a reusable container
  • home-made muesli bars stored in bees wax wrap or other reusable food wrap or container;
  • rainbow selection of veggies with hummus or a dip your child might like, stored in a bento-box type container
  • sandwich or wrap in a storage container, such as a reusable sandwich bag or lunchbox
  • whole boiled egg, home-made mini quiche or frittata, straight into a multi-compartment lunch box
  • home-made smoothies or yoghurts which can be made in bulk, then stored in reusable food pouches in the freezer ready for quick additions to the lunchbox
  • sultanas, nuts, crackers or other dried items which can be bought in bulk, then divided up into small reusable containers - perfect as a grab-and-go snack!
  • homemade chia puddings stored in a reusable container or reusable food pouch
  • Reusable & durable stainless steel water bottle
  • Silicone spoons or reusable straws when needed.

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